Discrete and Computational Geometry Laboratory KAIST
School of Computing

The Discrete and Computational Geometry Laboratory existed from 2005 to 2018 and was formed by Otfried Cheong and his graduate students and postdocs.


We did research in two related areas:

Computational Geometry

Computational Geometry is the area of computer science that studies efficient algorithms for geometric problems. The problems studied come from applications in graphics, CAD, robotics, GIS, and other areas of geometric computation, but are studied from a theoretical point of view. Algorithms are formally analyzed and proven correct.

Otfried Cheong is one of the authors of the standard textbook on computational geometry.

Discrete Geometry

Discrete geometry is an area of mathematics that studies combinatorial properties of geometric objects. Going back to Kepler and Gauss, the field owes much to the work of Paul Erdös.


We had quite a few visitors from all over the world. See the visitor log for details.


Former postdocs


Here is a list of publications by members of the Discrete & Computational Geometry group that do not already appear on the list of Otfried Cheong's publications.